APcon carries out inspections and investigations of existing structures to establish its current condition. Problems are listed and causes analysed. APcon has the expert specialists and the instruments for the job available. All activities are carried out in accordance with the Dutch Standard for the technical quality of building and installation materials, NEN 2767 and the ProRail Standard Requirements for inspection and quality assessment of engineering structures, RLN000156.

Based upon the results of the inspection and/or investigation APcon draws up a clear well founded advice for its customer taking into account all applicable standards and regulations.

Our team includes a number of experienced designers and constructors working with the latest software.

To third parties executing activities in accordance with the conditions of the Dutch UAV (Uniform Administrative Conditions), APcon can supply a works specification conforming to Dutch Standards for the railway branch based on the inspections carried out for and the advice given to and discussed with the customer. APcon also has vast experience in drawing up tender and requirement specifications within the scope of UAV contracts and/or Integrated Contracts.

If required APcon can supply a work or management estimate of costs involved based upon the work specification or the advice given.

APcon can also offer assistance by supplying management (UAV) and supervisors during the renovation and conservation of structures or when building new structures.